This puppy / dog is sold with a limited guarantee provided the below requirements are met:

Jaycee Labradors agrees:

1. If your veterinarian certifies your puppy to have a debilitating illness or injury or possess a congenital defect within 72 hours if purchase, the cause of which is unquestionably attributed to the breeder, a refund will be given when the puppy is returned to Jaycee Labradors.

2. The health clearances completed on a breeding pair are merely predictors that the puppy will have a low probability for genetic predisposition to developing catastrophic orthopedic or ophthalmologic abnormalities. The scientific perspective for the many possible complex combinations of genes dictates that there cannot be a guarantee against such disorders. In the event of a catastrophic debilitation condition which is determined to be of a genetic nature and not environmentally induced or acquired and the dog cannot function for it's intended purpose as a pet, we will take the puppy/dog back and a full refund will be given. If you wish to keep your puppy/ dog then a partial refund will be issued in the form of canine joint support supplements. Diagnosis must be by a qualified veterinarian taking place not before 18 months or after the age of 30 months. No monetary reimbursement is implied or guaranteed. The prognosis must be that the condition is of an extreme nature that will highly impact the quality of life and impede physical exertion from youth to the beginning of old age. The following must be met for a replacement:

  • Receipt of OFA diagnosis from a qualified veterinarian done between the ages of 18-30 months of age.

  • Proof that the dog was not allowed to become obese. (Vet weight records)

  • Proof that it has not participated in prolonged strenuous exercise such as long walks or jogging/ running before 18 months of age. (everyone in the household who lives with the dog

  • Proof that it was not spayed or neutered before the age of 12-18 months of age.

  • Proof that if a female it has not produced a litter of puppies or had a major physical injury of any kind.

  • Any one of the above named factors will void this part of the Breeder's obligation to the agreement.

3. The above named puppy/dog is current on all appropriate vaccinations for infectious disease and was treated for parasites. This is not a guarantee that they are or will free of all the diseases they have been treated for.

4. The above named dog is currently functionally sound at the time of purchase.


The New Owner agrees to take proper care of the dog throughout its life including:

1. A safe environment shall be provided for the above named dog to include:

  • A fenced yard or kennel.

  • Adequate food, water and shelter from weather if the dog is housed outside.

  • Adequate socialization with people and other dogs, especially during 2- 6 months of age. Failure to do this can result in inappropriate behavior resulting in negative fear and aggressive behavior.

  • Successfully complete some form of obedience training by six months of age.

  • Shall not be allowed to run loose without supervision and show appropriate obedience as not to endanger their life.

  • Providing appropriate inoculations, worming and health care.

2. Purchaser assumes full responsibility for the health care of the above named dog immediately upon receipt. It is highly recommended with the rising costs of health care that a pet insurance is obtained as soon as possible.

3. The dog will not be spayed or neutered before 12-14 months of age. Spaying or neutering the dog before 12 months of age will void the health guarantee part of this contract.

4. This dog will not be used for breeding. It is on AKC Limited Registration. If you wish to breed this dog and have full AKC registration privileges you agree to:

  • Have the dog's Hip, Elbow and Eye Certifications completed by certified veterinarians and send copies of the results to Jaycee Labradors.

  • Pay the appropriate full registration fee to Jaycee Labradors.

  • That any dog bred to your dog will also have the same health clearances listed above and have AKC full registration privileges.

  • That all puppies produced will also be placed on limited registration.

5. Because of the variety and quality of dog foods available, and all canine illnesses are NOT covered by vaccinations or health screenings. NuVet Plus is required for the puppy/dog. This nutritional supplement is only available through veterinarian or breeder recommendation. 

6. Purchasers agree to give their puppy 500 mg of Vitamin C till they are 12 months old.

7. If for any reason the New Owner is unable to care for the above named dog, THE DOG MUST BE RETURNED TO THE BREEDER. If you wish to give or sell the above named dog, please contact the breeder first. If the new owner fills the application and is approved then the breeder will consider transferring this contract. Resale or gifting of this dog will terminate the terms of this contract. The breeder is not obligated to transfer the guarantee.

8. If the dog is returned to the breeder, ownership must be transferred to the Breeder at time of return & all paperwork (AKC, Microchip & health records must be returned with the dog).

9. If the dog is returned for any reason the New Owner understands that the Breeder will try to recoup the purchase price but will not refund more than 50% as the original deposit is non-refundable. The ultimate goal will be a suitable home for the dog.

10. Any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement ("Dispute") shall be resolved with the following procedures:

 A. Negotiation Upon written notice of any Dispute, the parties shall attempt to resolve it promptly by negotiation to settle the Dispute and this process should be completed within 30 days (the "Negotiation").

 B. Mediation If the dispute has not been resolved by negotiation in accordance with paragraph A, then the parties shall proceed to mediation unless the parties at the time of the dispute agree to a different time-frame. The parties shall agree on a mediator; however, if they cannot agree within 14 days then a local mediation service provider shall appoint a mediator. The mediation session shall be held within 45 days of the retention of the mediator. The one initiating the dispute shall bear cost of the mediation unless the parties agree otherwise. All communications, both written and oral, during Phases A and B are confidential and shall be treated as settlement negotiations for purposes of applicable rules of evidence; however, documents generated in the ordinary course of business prior to the Dispute, that would otherwise be discoverable, do not become confidential simply because they are used in the Negotiation and/or Mediation process. The process shall be confidential based on terms acceptable to the mediator and/or mediation service provider.

 C. No litigation shall be pursued or filed until phases A and B have been complied with by the parties.